Architecture Degree Programme at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture (English taught)
5th Year, sem 2, 2023-2024

IT-30E | Contemporary Design Methods

Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2

Course Leader:
prof.dr.arh. Augustin Ioan
Teaching language:


Learning outcomes:

The student will understand and be able to practice certain contemporary design processes based on complexity sciences, up to date philosophies and human sciences.


Architecture and complexity. The architecture of the jumping universe (Ch.Jencks)
Postmodernism: historicism, new vernacular, organic architecture. Biology and genetics as the new formal paradigm.
Deconstruction and deconstructivism (Derrida). Generations of deconstructivism in architecture.
Post-structuralism (Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari) in architecture
Non-standard geometry. Non standard architecture.
Fractal geometry. Fractal architecture and urban planning. Fractals as interpretants and generators
Dissipative structures. Swarm structures. Theory of catastrophes, strange attractors in architecture.
Augmented reality. Virtual reality. Virtual Heritage.
Hyperbodies. Scripting.

Teaching Method:

Courses and presentations by students


Final exam in writing and orally.


C.ALEXANDER: -The Quality Without a Name, A Pattern Language
G.Deleuze/F.Guattari Anti-Oedip, Capitalism and schizophrenia
K.FRAMPTON - “Towards a Critical Regionalism”; Studies in Tectonic Culture
Charles JENCKS: Modern Movements in Architecture, Architecture Today, The architecture of the Jumping Universe
Rem Koolhas - Delirious New York; S,M,L,XL
Mandelbrot Fractal objects
R.MEIER: Selected Works