Architecture Degree Programme at “Ion Mincu” University

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture (English taught)
5th Year, sem 1, 2020-2021

CP-9E | Infill in conservation areas

Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2

History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation
Course Leaders:
conf.dr.arh. Valeriu-Eugen Drăgan
prof.dr.arh. Sergiu Nistor
Teaching Staff:

Prof.dr.arh. Sergiu NISTOR
Conf.dr.arh. Valeriu Eugen DRAGAN
asist.dr.arh. Alexandra TEODOR

Learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes:
Providing support for the project theoretically optional "inserts in protected sites" by assimilating the research methods, regulation and
intervention in areas protected historical and conservation methods and enhancement of historic areas protected identity (through
restoration and / or insertion of new buildings) in the context of the natural evolution of the city.


Protected areas - overview of issues;
- Peculiarities of the protected construction areas and protected historical areas.
Specific elements of legislation
Historic Protected Areas:
- Issue, content, scope, milestones intervention;
- Phases of the project: analysis, synthesis, attitude, objective and rules of intervention;
- Principles of intervention in historic areas protected
Multi-criteria analysis method as a research tool
- Analysis and assessment criteria specific elements protected historic areas (urban tissue / natural);
- Mapping data structure (charts, tables, etc.);
- Identification and evaluation stages of historical development of the built;
- Developing research synthesis (evaluation and research-based data structure analysis results);
- Defining the attitude towards the study area based on research results;
- Structuring the rules of intervention in the study area
- Regulatory means to achieve the objective of conservation - restoration and development of the protected area;
- Formalizing the study of writing graphics.

Teaching Method:

Teaching Method: on-line using Zoom platform
- Lectures;
- Site visits - (identifying characteristics in different types of protected historic areas);
- Discussion to guide the application.


Written essay about:
1. A critical analysis about an existing infill in a conservation area (Bucharest or other city in Romania). The list of the proposed infills will be available on site by mid--november
2. Presentation Memoir for the student's proposed infill in a conservation area (Bucharest or other city in Romania)

Mandatory conditions to be fulfilled for assesment:
1. Inscription complying with the specific requirements for elective courses
2. Participation at min. 6 cpourses
3. The content of the essay complying with one of the two themes
4. Handing out on time
Work paper and oral presentation
- Clarity and depth research to establish criteria;
- The accuracy and relevance of proposed solutions;
- Coherence and consistency of approach stages of research;
- How supportive (oral presentation) of work.


George D., FLORESCU, Din vechiul București - Biserici, curți Boerești și hanuri între anii 1790-1791 după două planuri inedite (de la
șfârșitul veacului al XVII-lea), Institutul de Arte Grafice - “Lupta” - N. Stroilă, București, 1935;
Constantin C., GIURESCU, Istoria Bucureștilor, București: Ed. pentru Literatură, 1996;
Cezara, MUCENIC, București, Un veac de arhitectură civilă, secolul XIX, Ed. Silex, Casa de Editură. Presă și Impresariat, București,
Radu, OLTEANU, Bucureștii în date și întâmplări, Ed. Paideia, Colecția cărților de referință, București, 2002;
Gheorghe, PARUSI, Cronologia Bucureștilor 20 septembrie 1459 - 31 decembrie 1989 - Zilele, faptele, oamenii Capitalei de-a lungul a
530 de ani, Ed.Compania, București, 2005;
Lucia, STOICA, Neculai, IONESCU-GHINEA, Enciclopedia lăcașurilor de cult din București, Editura Universalia, București, 2005, vol.I
și II;
Nicolae, STOICESCU, Repertoriul bibliografic al monumentelor feudale din București, București, Ed. Academiei R.P.R., 1960 [1961?].
Current and historical plans, maps and city guides of Bucharest.
Historical studies, and various documentation projects approved for property situated in protected historic areas of the city Bucharest.


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