Architecture Degree Programme at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture (English taught)
5th Year, sem 1, 2023-2024

CP-28E | Insertions in the Built Protected Areas

Optional Project | Hours/Week: 3P | ECTS Credits: 3


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History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh. Adrian Crăciunescu
Teaching language:


Learning outcomes:

The uptake and application of research methods, regulation and intervention in protected historical areas (located in the urban tissue or in the natural environment), and the amount by preserving monuments and / or insertion of new buildings.


1. I-VII-th. Week - definition of intervention: (establishment of real estate and demarcation investigated for inclusion in a proposed protected area built);
- Study by the multi-criteria research method for the proposed intervention in a built protected area (analysis, synthesis and evaluation of research data, attitudes towards the historic area from research, proposal (objective the protection and development) ; framework for regulation urban elements, architectural (typological and morpho-style);
2. VIII-th. Week - partial delivery paper presentation
3. IX-XI-th. Week - presentation of the conclusions of the study intervention and the substantiation rules of intervention developed area investigated is located in a protected area built;
4. XII-th. Week - final delivery of the paper presentation.

Teaching Method:

- site visits - (examples of interventions in different historical areas protected);
- discussion paper to guide;


- the accuracy and appropriateness of the proposed regulations and doctrinal aspects of intervention;
- coherence and consistency of approach phases of work.


Plans and guides the historical city of Bucharest;
Historical studies, projects and other documentation for buildings located in areas protected historic city of Bucharest;
Publications and articles:
- Florescu, George D., Din vechiul București, Biserici, curți boierești și hanuri între anii 1790-1791 după două planuri inedite de la sfârșitul veacului al XVIII-lea, București: Institutul de Arte Grafice Lupta, 1935
- Georgescu, Florian, Cernovodeanu, Paul I., Cristache-Panait, Ioana, Documente privind istoria orașului București, București: Muzeul de istorie a orașului București, 1960
- Giurescu, Constantin C., Istoria Bucureștilor, București: Editura pentru Literatură, 1996
- Lascu, Nicolae, Legislație și dezvoltare urbană. București 1831-1952, Teză de doctorat, București: IAIM, 1997


Perimeter studied is one of Protected Areas Built Bucharest where students will choose a property for which they will develop an intervention (new construction or extension) at the illustration on the theme, in order to highlight how to ensure integration of architectural and urbanization of the proposal in relation to the characteristic elements of the set as a significant part.