Architecture Degree Programme at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture (English taught)
4th Year, sem 1, 2023-2024

ST-16E | Architectural Technology Design Studio (2)

Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2P | ECTS Credits: 3

Course Leader:
lect. Ioana Raluca Șerbănescu
Teaching Staff:
conf.dr.arh. Gabriel Negoescu, conf.dr.arh. Gabriela Mindu, lect. dr. ing. Alexandru Iatan, lect.dr.arh. Ioana Șerbănescu, lect.dr.arh. Ana Maria Mortu, lect.dr.arh. Laura Dobrescu, lect. dr. arh. Monica Mureșanu, asist. dr. arh. Oana Mihăescu, asist. dr. arh. Andreea Prelipcean, asist. dr. arh. Radu Sfinteș, asist. dr. arh. Oana Pavăl, colaboratori arhitectură + instalații
Teaching language:


Learning outcomes:

The architectural technology project proposes an integrated approach having as support the long project in course in the 1st semester (7th) of the 4th year of study. The issues of the architectural technology project refers to applying the knowledge related to the legislation requirements regarding quality in construction in a complex architectural project. Emphasis will be placed on the fire safety requirement, a determining requirement in building compliance.


Fire safety
Due to the complexity of the subject, the study will mainly focus on solving the evacuation of users from the designed building:
• Establishing the number of people and the number of evacuation flows
• Establishing the dimensions of the escape routes
• Determining how to evacuate: routes, distances, time
• Establishing the fire and smoke protection that these evacuation routes must meet to ensure the safety of users.

Safety and accessibility
• Conformity of construction elements complying with operational safety requirements
• Equipment to facilitate the use of the building by people with disabilities

The project will also discuss aspects related to installation equipment and their related technical spaces.

Teaching Method:

The guidance activity is provided by collectives of specialists in architecture and technology from DST and external collaborators. The activity includes a program of consultations in support of the individual study which has an important weight. Participation in the Requirements and Performance in construction course, which provides the theoretical support for this project, is mandatory.


The evaluation is carried out by a jury and consists in the identification and compliance with the requirements regarding the quality in construction, the quality and complexity of the information contained in the written and the drawn components of the project.


Regulation P118/99 1+2+3
Regulation NP051/2012
Regulation NP068-02


project integrated with the long project architectural studio 4th year 7th semester