Architecture Degree Programme at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture (English taught)
3rd Year, sem 2, 2023-2024

ST-14E | Practical Activities (Construction Site)

Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2L | ECTS Credits: 2

Course Leader:
asist.dr.arh. Radu Sfinteș
Teaching Staff:
lect. dr. Ana Maria Mortu, lect. dr. arh. Laura Dobrescu, lect. dr. ing. Vlad Petrescu, lect. dr. ing. Basarab Cheșcă, lect. dr. arh. Florin Mureșanu, lect. dr. arh. Andreea Prelipcean, asist. dr. arh. Oana Mihăescu, asist. dr. arh. Alexandra Vișan, asist. dr. arh. Raluca-Maria Trifa, asist. dr. arh. Radu Sfinteș. asist. dr. arh. Oana Pavăl, dr. arh. Roxana Bâra, drd. arh. Clarissa Ivan
Teaching language:


Learning outcomes:

- Direct contact with construction sites and specific problems.
- Understanding how architectural design materializes into a concrete building.
- Understanding the impact of choice of materials and technologies, of detail design and of execution on the architectural quality of a built object.
- Consolidation of theoretical knowledge acquired in technical courses through direct observation on the construction site and at the practical demonstrations, as well as through information provided by professional companies.
- Understanding the necessity of interdisciplinary work in the design and erection of buildings.


Students participate in a variety of activities that put them in direct contact with the concrete reality of their future profession. Tutored activities take place in the first week of the two dedicated to practical activities in the academic year structure specific to UAUIM.
Activities include two parts:
I. tutored activities
A. Lectures held by guests on high-performance products and systems for constructions.
B. Practical demonstrations illustrating the correct use of products and systems for constructions.
C. Tutored visits to construction sites.
Ii. independent study / information synthesis and drafting of the practical activity notebook
After finishing the supervised activities, students synthesise the acquired information, research if they need clarifications, and draft a practical activity notebook containing:
A. Reports which resume the contents of lectures and offer a personal standpoint of the students.
B. Presentations of the demonstrations through photographs accompanied explanatory text.
C. Presentations of the construction sites through photographs accompanied explanatory text. Three constructive details that the student considers to be interesting as a subject for study will be represented in 1:10 scale drawings.

Teaching Method:

Construction site visits (independent observation and observation guided by tutors; conversation on what has been observed). Practical demonstrations (independent observation and observation guided by tutors; conversation on what has been observed; some students learn actively how to use the presented materials and tools). Lectures held by guests.


Students draft a practical activity notebook containing which they present at a the oral examination.


Textbooks for the technical disciplines (Construction Materials, Architectural Construction, Architectural Finishing Systems). Technical documentations from companies producing materials, products and systems for constructions.