Architecture Degree Programme at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture (English taught)
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024

BP1-3E | Practical Exercises (Architectural Drawing)

Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2L | ECTS Credits: 2

Assignment 2023-2024

Practical activities assignment 1st year 2024 en.pdf


Basics of Architectural Design
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh. Melania Dulămea
Teaching Staff:
Teaching language:


Learning outcomes:

1. representation
• discovery, use and improvement of the basic tools for architectural representation: measurement, survey and graphics (plan, section, elevation, axonometry, photography, sketch, collage, analytical scheme, etc.).
• knowledge and operation with different roles and specific functions of architectural representation: communication, investigation, abstraction-coding, descriptive, analytical, projective-imaginative;
• learning and using specialized graphic scales and codes;
• understanding the notion of human scale and its relation both to the space and the object directly observed and to the one abstracted by representation;
• identifying and choosing the appropriate representation tools for the purpose of the exercise;
2. critical
• understanding and operating with the analysis of a familiar space and object;
• developing the ability to identify the characteristics and qualities of a space and an object, to analyze and synthesize them;
• defining a set of relevant characteristics of space and object;
3. architectural space
• exploring and clarifying the basic elements of the production of an architectural space (wall, pillar, roof, floor, hollow-window, door) and the formation of a spatial language;
• acquiring the ability to classify elements into specific categories (surface / linear, delimitation, partition, geometry);
• investigating the association of different elements and analyzing the spatial characteristics and qualities thus formed;


ASSIGNMENT: The theme of the practical exercise for the first year proposes a natural continuity of the method of understanding a built space through the meticulous observation and representation through drawing.

Teaching Method:

multimedia presentations, individual discussions.


Colloquy, class jury’s evaluation.


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