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Living in Bucharest

Discover everything you need to know about living in Bucharest

Want to know what living expenses are like for students? What are the main neighborhoods in Bucharest? Or what transportation is like?

International student orientation

Your life as a student at UAUIM Bucharest begins with international student orientation.

We recommend you arrive at least a few days before the beginning of the academic year (approximately October 1st every year) to get your paperwork in order and register for classes.

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What is the student lifestyle like in Bucharest?

Being a student in Bucharest means a lot of fun things to do. There is no exception. You have a lot of bars and restaurants, theatres, concerts and many more. Almost every student spends one or two hours after classes enjoying a cup of coffee with their colleagues. Nightlife is something you need to experience as a student. People in Bucharest know how to party. All restaurants have very good food, many good fast-food chains with different specialties. Also, pizza places are everywhere and all meet our expectations.

The cost of living

The cost of living is not high compared to countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece. Renting a 2 bedroom apartment can be as cheap as €350 / month. An inexpensive meal at a restaurant is around €10. And a menu at McDonals is €6.


Transportation includes busses, trans, metro, and taxis/uber. One bus or tram ticket is €0.4, while a double metro ticket is €1. An uber drive can cost as little as €2 for 2-3km. Be aware of the currency (Romanian RON / LEU)

The City Center

Piata Unirii: Hosting the Parliament building and other communist-era buildings, if you are a history buff you’ll definitely like this neighborhood. Piata Unirii is a great area to stay in Bucharest if you’re visiting for the first time and you want to be able to walk anywhere in just a few minutes.

Old Town: The most charming area in the city center, here you’ll find a mix of hipster cafès, beautiful bookstores, and small cobbled alleys. Stay here if you want to be surrounded by ancient buildings and you want to feel like you’re in a small village within a city.

Universitate: Universitate, as the name suggests, is the area where the University buildings are located. You can expect lots of cafès and young people roaming around, and a good selection of dining spots and pubs.

Calea Victoriei: Calea Victoriei is home to some of the best hotels in Bucharest and the flagship stores of the luxury labels. A wealthy neighborhood, here you can also find most museums, so it’s a good choice if you don’t mind spending a little extra.

Piata Romana: Still part of the city centre, and a 10 to15-minute walk to Old Town, this is a young area filled with cafes and restaurants.

Cotroceni: One of Bucharest's oldest neighborhoods, Cotroceni hosts the Cotroceni Palace and lots of historical buildings. The Botanical Gardens are also a green oasis for a nice walk.

Baneasa: A bit far out as a place to stay, Baneasa is still worth exploring if you have the time to get off the beaten path. Hosting the biggest city park around a lake, this upscale neighborhood is a great place to visit in the warmer months.

Other districts: Cismigiu area, Tineretului, Dristor/Titan

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